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Please note that this is not a full account of our dealings with Peugeot Customer Service, the dealers and Peugeot's finance arm - they are too numerous to document fully here. This is, I believe, a fair summary of how they have treated us. Over three years we never had a fully functioning car, and everybody at Peugeot did their best to make me feel as if it was unreasonable of me to expect the car to work as advertised. If you are reading this page because you are having problems (and I regularly get contacted by 807 owners who are having problems with their cars), please tell Peugeot that you saw this site - it will point out to them that you know you are not alone! Also, as Peugeot don't seem to make the number easily available, their "customer care centre" number is 08452002500. If you have to call it, I wish you luck - you'll need it!

From the moment we bought the car, we experienced terrible service from the supplying dealer. After three months, many phone calls and visits to the dealership we still didn't have all of the accessories that we'd ordered when we bought the car. On more than one ocassion I took the car to have parts fitted having being told that they were now in stock, only to find that they were not there when I arrived, or the wrong part ordered (an exterior rather than interior cycle rack), or the order was incomplete (e.g. half a set of carpet mats). Eventually I bought them from another dealer who got them into stock next day. With some effort I managed to claim the cost back from my supplying dealer (who needed chasing several times before the cheque arrived).

We were then having problems with car itself. After two years of poor service from the two dealers (who simply could not fix some of the faults on the car, and in some cases made things worse) I contacted Peugeot direct. I presented Peugeot with a list of over 30 faults that were present on the car at that moment in time. I expected them to swing into action and help us out. How wrong I was.

A month later, I had still not got any response out of Peugeot other than that the complaint had been received. There followed several weeks of wrangling, during part of which the car was completely off the road as I no longer considered it safe or legal to drive. Complaints to Brian Steele, the manager of the customer care organisation were either ignored or replied to with a standard condescending response (thanking me for sending the letter, but not addressing any issues).

Peugeot also refused absolutely to apologise for the problems with the vehicle. The best that they did was to say that they were sorry I was not happy, refusing to accept any responsibility for the situation that they caused or even agree that there is anything unusual or unsatisfactory about our vehicle.

The car was purchased using Peugeot's own finance. Complaints to the finance arm were delayed for no apparent reason, I was told (incorrectly) that it was nothing to do with them, then told that they were not willing to do anything as the dealer was willing to take (yet another!) look at the car. When the car had been back to the dealer and returned to me with problems remaining, the finance company again refused to do anything as the dealer told them that they would like another chance. There was absolutely no indication that anyone gave a damn about customer service or problems - they preferred to delay, or outright lie (with the claim that it was not their responsibility), to avoid taking any action.

Update - January 2006 Peugeot have now confirmed an extra 12 months warranty - but through a third party insurance based scheme (like a second hand car warranty) rather than extending the manufacturer's warranty as we agreed back in August. I still don't have the documents for this warranty to check exactly how poor it will be compared to what Peugeot agreed with me (yet another broken promise!). Third party warranties generally only cover specific components, and are notoriously difficult to make claims upon. It is five months (and counting) since I was promised this.
Back in September my dealer said that they would give me 100 to take my wife out for a meal, and Peugeot wanted to give us a payment equivalent to one month's finance. Needless to say, over four months later these have not materialised. Peugeot are now saying that there was only the offer of 100, and claim that I accepted this as a full and final settlement of all past and future claims against Peugeot, not a simple gesture to have a meal on them. Considering that I have spent over a full working week just driving my car backwards and forwards to the dealer, driving over 1,000 miles in the process (they are 10 miles away from me so it is 20 miles round trip to drop off the car and another 20 to pick it up), and at least another two working weeks on the phone, writing letters and generally trying to get Peugeot to actually resolve our problems, a payment of 100 as a full settlement is an absolute insult - especially as they have demonstrated a complete lack of goodwill by not sending it to me anyway. With the problems I have had with the car, why on earth do they expect me to accept a pitifully small payment to indemnify them against any further problems I experience and absolve them from resolving the current ones?
I have finally been promised a reply in person from Peugeot's Customer Care Manager, Brian Steele, but I have to wait 28 days for it. Clearly they don't see our case as having any kind of urgency or priority, after all we've only had a faulty car for almost 3 years and been dealing directly with Peugeot for ten months.

Update - February 2006 The letter from Brian Steele, Peugeot's customer care manager, has not arrived. Clearly this was just another delaying tactic on their part. I shouldn't really be surprised that Peugeot have broken yet another promise, but it is still disappointing that a large company like Peugeot treats its customers with such disdain. In less than a month our car will be three years old, and it has never been fault free. Peugeot and the dealer continue to fail to resolve the problems with the car, and continue to make empty promises.
I still don't have the warranty documention that was promised in August last year. Obviously I also still have not received the 100 our dealer said they'd give us back in September to go out for a meal on them, nor the payment that Peugeot then tried to deceptively claim we'd accepted as a full and final settlement of all past and future claims against them. It appears to me that Peugeot are quite happy for a customer to suffer with a faulty car for three years, preferring to fob off complaints rather than do anything constructive to resolve them.

Update - Late February 2006 There is still no sign of the letter from the Peugeot's customer care manager Brian Steele. I have managed to speak to him, he said he would get around to replying sometime in the next few weeks. This is to address complaints I was making back in November. Clearly customer care and resolving the abysmal performance of his department are very low on his set of priorities if he can't even be bothered trying to resolve a situation that has been ongoing for so long. I am left wondering why Peugeot bother having a customer care department at all.
I still don't have the warranty documentation despite spending a couple of hours on the phone last week to Peugeot and the dealer principle at my supplying dealer. They are adamant that they won't supply the warranty extension they promised, only an insurance-based used car warranty (which has terms that mean I'd have to pay them to investigate intermittent faults, with the warranty only paying out if they manage to locate the problem and it is a covered component). Also the offer of a payment of one month's finance as a goodwill gesture was removed because they felt they'd done enough to help me!
My car went in for the 42K service, MOT and some more repairs (including a noisy ventilation fan) this week. The service book hadn't been stamped on the 36K service. Both times the car was returned to the garage for repairs between the 36K and 42K service I asked them to stamp it, but on checking when I got home it hadn't been done. This time, I took the book to reception and specifically asked for both it, and the 42K service they were about to do to be stamped. When I picked up the car the bill was in excess of 400 - rather steep for an intermediate service and MOT. The invoice said 36K service, but I was told that they had done the "40k" service, the invoice just had the wrong number, and that this was the big one for the car. I remembered paying over 500 for the 36K service, but both the receptionist and the service manager said I was wrong, so I paid the bill. Going out to the car to check (the service book was left in the car), they had only stamped the 36K service, and filled in the current (almost 42K) mileage, so it looks like I was almost 6,000 miles overdue on that one. The 42K should have been an inexpensive intermediate service, but the technician doing it didn't read the job sheet, and wasn't told that it had already had the 36K service. I was extremely annoyed by this incompetence, but it got worse when I left the garage. The ventilation fan was extremely quiet - because now it simply didn't work. Turning the control knob made no difference on the LCD display, and the fan didn't turn. To be fair, the dealer has said that it will send me a cheque refund for the difference in service costs, and has replaced the battery on the car free of charge.

Update - March 2006 Still no sign of the letter from Peugeot's customer care manager. Obviously a customer whose car has been faulty for three years is quite low priority at Peugeot. The passenger airbag warning light still comes on intermittently (this was one of the jobs it went in to have rectified a couple of weeks ago during the bodged 42K service). The driver's door now rattles after the door card was replaced at that service. Also, the garage didn't reset the service indicator (a minor irritation, but typical of the lack of care taken there). The car is due to go back in again to have these problems looked at.
The dealer principal has been blaming Peugeot for the delay in providing the diminishing good-will gesture, saying that he finally got approval in February. Peugeot claim they sorted this out back in October and I should complain to my dealer (who then blames Peugeot). One of them is clearly lying, and as the poor customer I'm stuck between the two unable to get anybody to accept responsibility for the situation. Both apparently feel that 100 (which took over five months before they could even offer to write a cheque out) is an adequate gesture for the several hundreds of hours I've lost trying to get this horribly unreliable car rectified. Peugeot claim never to have offerred the month's finance payment - broken promises again. So far I've refused to accept the 100 payment. This isn't actually about money, it is about a succession of broken promises, a plainly unacceptable car (what reasonable person would expect their new car to be faulty for over three years?), and the extremely poor way that Peugeot deal with customer complaints.

Update - April 2006 The car has gone! It went in for a couple of weeks to have another look at the airbag, the fan and the rattling door. The dealer decided that the door rattle was a faulty top hinge, so it went in to their bodyshop for a few days. When we got it back, they couldn't find the fault in the fan or airbag, but they also hadn't bother re-aligning the door after replacing the hinge - it was very obviously out of line (the door handles didn't even nearly line up). The door also still rattled! Then, a couple of days later, we spent lunchtime on Mother's Day sitting by the side of the road waiting for the AA to recover us following a fuel system failure rather than eating a nice meal. I was not amused.

After many phone calls (having obtained the UK customer care manager's direct line phone number helped here!), Peugeot then agreed to either provide the extension to the manufacturer's warranty that they had promised back in August (but then they had claimed they could not offer), or to buy back the car. I got rid of the car even though my dealer absolutely refused to offer anything as a gesture to recompense the time and money I lost through the inability of them and Peugeot to provide me with a working car. I am out of pocket by several thousand pounds, but it was worth it to be clear of that car and the incompetent, uncaring combination of Peugeot UK and my dealer. The service I received clearly demonstrates why the car industry has such a bad name.

Peugeot have shown their complete disregard for the customer, and their inability to provide a fully working car despite being given every opportunity. We had been lifelong high-value customers, but never again. Instead of replacing our other Peugeot with a new top-of-the-range 407 last year, I spent a little more on a decent quality car instead (a Jaguar XJ8). The 807 has gone, it has been replaced by a top of the range Grand Voyager which, like the Jaguar, has an aura of solidity and quality that Peugeot cannot hope to match. All it would have taken for us to have spent that money on new Peugeots (as we had planned) was some basic competence, courtesy and honesty from Peugeot and their dealers. They were incapable of that, instead subjecting us to the worst three years of vehicle ownership you could possibly imagine. To the last they tried to claim that we had unreasonable expections - but take a look at the list of faults, and it is clear that no reasonable person would expect such a long list on a new vehicle, nor to be without their car for extended periods whilst the garage tries to resolve them. Obviously we will never again purchase a Peugeot.

After being told by the dealer principal that our car was going back to Peugeot not into his stock, it was advertised by them on Autotrader and sold locally, with the advertisement having the incorrect mileage on the car and some specification mistakes.

Update - June 2007
I have received a letter from a solicitor acting on behalf of the owners of my dealership. They are claiming that this site is infringing their client's trademarks, and is defamatory towards their client. I am being threatened with High Court action, and having a charge placed against my home to prevent me from selling it. I have asked them to let me know if any details on this site are inaccurate, in order that they might be corrected and offering to publish the service records (here is just one of the many, for almost almost £4200!) and letters from Peugeot that verify my story. I have also offered to meet with them to discuss the situation amicably or to consider publishing a statement from their clients on this site. So far there is no response...
I can understand that this site is something of an embarrasment to them, but to the best of my knowledge everything on it is accurate - and so far (with the exception of them pointing out that at some point in time after I had sold my car back the dealer principal left the dealership and there is now a new management team in place) they have not replied to correct or dispute any statements on here.
I rather regret buying the 807 now - after three years of motoring hell I now risk losing my home as well, should this turn into a battle of who can afford the biggest legal bill. Thank you Peugeot and my dealer, you really know how to make your customers happy and make the Peugeot owning experience one that is totally unforgettable.
Update - August 2007
I have received another letter from their solicitor, again threatening my home if I do not remove the dealer's name from this site. There is still no claim from them that anything on here is in any way inaccurate.
Whilst I consider my options, but without admitting any wrongdoing, I am removing the dealer's name. It should serve as a warning to anyone else that at least one Peugeot dealer will resort to legal bullying in order to silence unhappy customers. I don't think that any reasonable person reading the list of problems I had, or the amount of time that they spent in failing to provide me with a working car, would believe that my complaints are unjustified. I have full documentation from both the dealer and Peugeot showing the problems with the car and admitting that items like the warranty extension and goodwill gesture were not dealt with properly (I never received either of these in the end).

Update - September 2007
Some companies take their commitments very seriously. Others don't. Back in August when I agreed to remove the name of the garage and its owning company from this site, I was promised an apology for the way I had been treated. This apology has not arrived. I know I shouldn't be surprised - this is just another in a long list of failures from a company that clearly has nothing but its own interests at heart. I lost thousands of pounds due to their inability to provide me with a working car. They made thousands of pounds from me, in the original sale of the car, in warranty payments from Peugeot for the labour on work they repeatedly carried out, and finally in profit from the derisory payment they made me for my car (3000 pounds less than it would cost me to buy an exact equivalent - age, specification and model - from another dealer).
If they believe that I have not been treated properly, why do they not offer to rectify the situation?
If they believe that I have been treated properly, why do they threaten me when I publish their name? They have not denied anything on this site, but know (and took care to point out) that a defamation lawsuit is very expensive regardless of guilt or innocence. A company with turnover around 200million can afford to roll out the lawyers, it is more difficult for a private individual to find the sums needed or take the risk with the future of his family.
I am a hard working family man who simply wanted a quality car for his wife and children. I made the mistake of trusting these people, a trust which was repeatedly abused.
They want to be seen as a caring, reputable company - but good reputations are built from actions and resolving problems quickly and sympathetically, not from issuing threats against those you've treated badly in order to hide your past from potential customers.
For a garage a faulty car is just another job sheet. For the owner of the car it has a huge effect on their life; arriving late at work and leaving early, problems getting the kids to school, the stress of not being able to trust that when you turn the key it will work, or be safe to drive. We bought a car, not a season parking ticket for the dealer's forecourt - but that is what we ended up with. It appears that the garage is quite happy with the situation, as long as I don't tell anyone else how they treated me. I would be delighted to be proved wrong, for them to show me that it was all a terrible misunderstanding, but with such a consistent record of poor service, poor workmanship and lack of understanding of how it feels to spend three years with the car from hell, I doubt that that will happen.
I still remain available to talk to the garage and the holding company if they want to seriously discuss and resolve this situation in a reasonable manner, rather than resorting to attempts to bully me into silence. I am a reasonable person, I have never been in a dispute with a company before or since this unfortunate series of events took place. All I ever wanted was a working car. I didn't expect perfection, but I certainly didn't expect the car to be in the garage for months on end, and faults to remain for year after year whilst being told by both the garage and the manufacturer that I was being unreasonable complaining as they were willing to have yet another attempt to fix it. All I wanted was a working car. Is that really too much to expect?

Peugeot are facing a PR disaster over the 807, in addition to the alienation of formerly loyal customers such as myself. I have owned Peugeots for the last 15 years without any real problems; usually both of our cars have been Peugeots, every car we bought in the last decade had come from PSA. That has changed since the 807 farce; both of our new cars are now non-Peugeot. Even though I was regularly at the Peugeot dealerships, I just couldn't face the thought of going into their sales area and ending up with two unreliable cars from a company that has clearly lost its way.

From my experience it appears that nobody at Peugeot cares in the slightest about their customers. In over 12 months since we raised the problems to Peugeot, they didn't manage to provide us with a working car. They regularly broke promises (we never did get the "goodwill" gesture from them, promised phone calls often failed to be made), they failed to show even the slightest bit of sympathy to us, and even complained that they were spending "an inordinate amount of time" on our car. Perhaps if they had designed, built or repaired with car with something approaching competence they wouldn't have had to spend that time! Peugeot still cannot understand why I am not happy. Would you be?

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